What We’re Pinterested In this week

I wanna scream it from the rooftops-it’s almost FALL! As much as I love warm weather, cut off shorts, and outside dining, I completely an utterly love autumn. New York City is in… Continue reading


Happy Labor Day weekend! We hope that everyone is enjoying the long weekend with friends and family and that you’re soaking up the last few days of summer! We sure are. Our parents… Continue reading

Insta Update: Adriane’s Birthday Bash

First of all- Happy Birthday Adriane! This past Saturday we had the best time celebrating Adriane’s birthday. We kind of made it a day to remember! We started off with manicures/pedicure in Union Square. On a scale… Continue reading

A Quick Way to save 10 bucks!

Small success! Moving can take a lot out of you- but it can also take a lot out of your wallet! All those little things add up… New coffee maker, new bedding, new… Continue reading

Class Pass… Unlimited!

Listen up workout junkies (and everyone else who WANTS to be a workout junkie!) ClassPass is now offering UNLIMITED classes if you sigh up before September 1st. Normally ClassPass allows you to buy a… Continue reading

Girl, You Don’t Even Know (5 Great Uses for Baby Powder)

Who knew you could smell nice and solve (most) of the world’s problems all on a super-frugal budget?! Well, thanks to the properties in simple household products that have uses you’ve probably never… Continue reading


Oh summer weekends… you are oh-so-fleeting! Can’t believe it’s mid August already. Of all the seasons, summer surely flies by the fastest! In this week’s addition of our Self Magazine column, The Weekender,… Continue reading

On the Road Again

This week, we just have to tip our hats to our incredible parents – David and Rhoda – who, in their mid-sixties, decided to take a cross-country trip in their Hyundai Elantra for… Continue reading

Tipsy Affogato: Boozy Ice Cream Dessert

This dessert combines 3 of our favorite things in the world:   Ice cream Coffee/Espresso BOOZE We completely flipped for this recipe. Our full video on the Tipsy Affogato can be found on… Continue reading

Spa Day (all day every day please and thank you)

Today was my first “spa” experience. Unlike a normal human being who would wake up excited and ready to spend the day relaxing, I woke up a bit apprehensive. Before I go into uncharted… Continue reading