Sweat and Glow Session with Aczone

Last week I had the honor of attending a yoga session and Total Beauty event at Uplift Studios in New York City. (Quick sidebar- this yoga class was so amazing and intense and totally… Continue reading

5 Ways to Make Your Summer Cocktails ‘Skinny’

Just because the weather is pretty and outdoor Happy Hour invitations come up quite often once the day winds to a close, doesn’t mean you have to throw your bikini aspirations out the window!… Continue reading

Picnic Tips!

After a slower start this year, spring has arrived! Trees are leafed out and the sun is shining! We love taking full advantage of the nicer weather by dining outside. Packing a picnic is… Continue reading

Celebrate Mad Men’s Season Finale Premiere the ‘Old Fashioned’ Way

Back in the Prohibition Era, the only alcohol people could get their hands on was basically what we’d consider undrinkable today – bathtub gin and too-strong whiskey. Lucky for future mixologists though, this was the… Continue reading

Have a Carrot-Themed Easter Brunch This Weekend!

Easter is a fun holiday for adults and kids of all ages, so we decided to gather together some cute ideas to throw a festive brunch with a fun ‘carrot’ theme! Check out… Continue reading

Bourbon + Ginger = Bliss

I don’t know about you, but every time I see the caramel colored bourbons glowing from the backlit shelf behind the bar I just sigh to myself – ‘Could there possibly be a more… Continue reading

March of Madness

What a crazy month it has been! Claudia started a new job last month- she’s running the social media for a floral event design company in the city called B Floral. There are… Continue reading

Valentine’s Day Ideas for a Girls Night!

Happy Valentine’s WEEK! This year we wanted to offer up some amazing tips for throwing a GAL-entine’s day party. (Get it? Like a Valentine’s party for your girlfriends!?) We have a full video… Continue reading

AptDeco Feature

When Adriane and i moved into our tiny Gramercy apt a few months ago we were so excited to start NEW. Isn’t that be best feeling? To re-start your life. And what better what… Continue reading

This Weekend, Be Good to Your Skin with a DIY Orange Zest Scrub!

Winter weather can really wreak havoc on your tender skin! Check out our Video for Celebrations and AOL.com that has step-by-step instructions for how to make your own super-simple Orange Zest and Almond Oil Body… Continue reading