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Resolution: Check In

It’s February and I actually can’t believe how fast this year is going (already!) Thought it would be a fantastic time to check in with myself to see how I’m doing with those oh so ‘daunting’ New Year Resolutions. I will give you a hint… not so bueno. Meditate 5 minutes each day. Ok so… Continue reading Resolution: Check In

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Winter Beauty Tip – Milk & Honey!

The combination of this cold and windy east coast winter and my hard-to-kick runny nose has left my face craving extra moisture this time of year, and so very sensitive! Lucky for me I work for Josie Maran Cosmetics – a skincare line that’s number 1 goal is to provide 100% natural hydration and nourishment… Continue reading Winter Beauty Tip – Milk & Honey!

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Healthy Weekend Morning Parfait

I absolutely love indulging on the weekends and taking my sweet, sweet time in the mornings getting ready for the day. This includes, a long cup (or 2) of coffee and a delicious and hearty breakfast. I know that when you think of “delicious weekend morning breakfasts” you usually think of bacon and eggs, or… Continue reading Healthy Weekend Morning Parfait

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Latest Winter “Arrivals” in my Poshmark Closet

Can’t get enough of Poshmark! Wanted to update you all on some of my newest winter “arrivals.” Even though work (and the holidays) have been crazy-busy, I still found some time to list some new items to my Poshmark closet! For those of you new to our blog- I have a little obsession and it’s… Continue reading Latest Winter “Arrivals” in my Poshmark Closet

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My (Achievable) New Years Resolutions

So many New Year Resolutions I don’t even know where to start!  This year I don’t really feel too much pressure about making big grand resolutions but I DO feel- that for the first time in a long time- I am really going to be able to make some small changes that will impact my… Continue reading My (Achievable) New Years Resolutions

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New Year’s Resolutions with DOUBLE benefits!

After a holiday season full of excess, nothing can feel better than sitting down to write out your completely well-intentioned and earnest New Year’s Resolutions. How did you do last year? Did you make it to the gym more often or take steps towards a more eco-friendly lifestyle? I spent some time this December wondering how… Continue reading New Year’s Resolutions with DOUBLE benefits!