As summer approaches so does the heat and humidity. Don’t let your hair fall victim to the frizz and flyaways. Sure, there are lots of products out there to help ease your morning routine but sometimes they aren’t available to you (and they can cost a pretty penny!) In a pinch, you can use face […]


Oh, Baby!

A busy weekend has left us with many excuses for not washing the hair! However, we are not about to show up to brunch looking like the grease-train just pulled into the station. Here is the Kissters’ fail-safe method for giving yourself one more day before washing: Just take baby power, sprinkle a small amount […]


Cool It

Batting your lashes furiously across the bar is creating a mini windstorm ’round the man in question. As you make your Bette-Davis-in-the-bedroom eyes all beautiful and smoky at home, don’t get side-tracked when your eye pencil breaks in the sharpener because it is too soft. Stick your pencils in the fridge 15 minutes before go […]