Auld Lang Syne

The translation of the old Scottish tune ‘Auld Lang Syne’ is ‘Times Gone By.’ Pretty fitting for a New Year’s song:  although we collectively focus on the year ahead.. it is a wonderful time to ruminate on the  year we have just accomplished.

I make it a point to describe the finish of 2016 as an ‘accomplishment’ because really, when you think about it – it was just that. It may be trendy to complain about how awful a year it was – and truly some bad thing did happen. But there was so much good, so many babies born, memories made – and people honored.

Losing my beautiful mother was the hardest thing I’ve ever experienced and it is daunting to start a new year without her. But given that Auld Lang Syne is meant to honor times gone by, I find myself in a peaceful place honoring the year behind me.

It also brought to me love and embraces from people all over the world that had been touched by my mother, or even just heard from me and Claudia and my father just how freaking amazing she was. People who reached out to us and spent time with us created a soft cushion, breaking a tough free-fall.

Happiest of New Years to everyone.

It was such a treat to go through family photos while at home in Virginia:

Thumb sucker
David and Rhoda in front of their San Fran apartment


And make new memories with awesome caring people
Hold family close

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