At-Home Spa Experience

It wasn’t until I ran outside last night after my dog Jack in bare feet that I realized just how bad my summertime calluses had gotten! As I chased the little stinker (who’d slipped out the front door of my apartment with out a leash) across grass, sidewalk, and even pavement, I didn’t feel much of the change of surface.

So, talk about a wake-up call. Upon securing Jack at home, I decided it was time to do something about these calluses. When you want to wear pretty shoes or even just want to feel confident barefoot or in flops, it’s nice to not see your tough skin sticking out.

I am newly obsessed with Emjoi’s Micro-Pedi– a simple-to-use device that painlessly removes calluses from your feet. I used it on my dry feet and wow – it’s kinda cool to see it gently buff away the calluses! (Make sure to put a towel under you because if your calluses are as bad as mine – there will be some dry flakes that emerge!)


After using my Micro-Pedi, I followed up with a little Josie Maran Argan Oil from the line I work for. This morning, my feet felt as good as new. What I love about the Micro-Pedi is how easy it is to use, no more stumbling in the shower trying to pumice my calluses away. Follow up with a little TLC like lotion or oil, and wow – a spa day for you feet and tosies

The culprit:




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