An Attitude of Gratitude

Ever let that feeling of thankfulness wash over you and realize that you’re completely content with exactly everything you have? Ever notice too that if you let yourself feel this way for an extended amount of time that everything seems to come to you more easily? That’s the power of living with gratitude! Personally, I still try every day to remind myself of just how much I have to be thankful for – by doing so, I realize new things about my life everyday that bring me new joy. It helps too to get me out of a funky mood or situation that may seem insurmountable.

It seems like a lot to take on at once, to live in gratitude every day! Start by taking off a small bite by practicing gratitude in the late evening, when everyone is in bed, and hopefully you have a few minutes to focus your mind on the topic. I’m pretty type A when it comes to lists, so it helped me each night to do the following, (make a list!) and pretty soon I was living in a whole world of gratitude – it’s amazing how repeating a practice each evening makes its way into everything you do!

  1. At the end of the day, even in the minutes just before sleep, try to focus on your breathing. Slow and deep breaths in, and even slower out
  2. Create a list in your mind of 10-20 things you are grateful for. They could be as small as the delicious lunch you had earlier today or as big as the feeling of support you get from your best friends
  3. With each list item, let yourself live in the moment of peace, happiness, and thankfulness that thought brings you. You’ll probably be lying there in the dark with a big smile on your face!
  4. Do this each night before bed and notice as this incredible feeling makes your dreams sweeter, and each day a little easier and brighter!



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