Spa Daze + Gift it

I don’t know about you all but lately I have had so many friends and acquaintances going through some tough times. It’s totally bizarre (and such a bummer!) especially because Mercury isn’t even in retrograde right now. WTH!?
I try to be the best friend I can be but at some point I feel my words fall short. So when it doubt, I gift-it out!
Gifting a little special something to a friend-in-need can speak volumes, especially when you’ve run out of comforting words.
A little while ago, I found a pretty awesome site called Uncommon Goods which has become my go-to for anything and everything- especially when it comes to GIFTING.
My fav product at the moment : Spa in a Bag
This little sucker encompasses everything you NEED in a “feel better” gift.
Also the packaging is A-mazing.
What you get:
1. Body Butter No. 1
2. Body Scrub No. 23: Light Body Scrub
3. Dead Sea Salts: Body Scrub
4. Sweet Lips: Natural Honey Lip Balm
Another sweet thing to note… these products all smell amazing. Even just opening the bag slightly- you get a whiff of freshness! Almost left me temped to keep this lil’ treat for myself.
Since we’re on the subject of Spa-ing and since I love nothing more than an cushy ‘lounge-all-day’ worthy bathrobe… some robe-lust below:
Robe Living

Yves Delorme bath robe

Calvin Klein cotton robe
$160 –

Elaiva bath robe
$190 –

PiP Studio bath robe
$145 –

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