Resolution: Check In

It’s February and I actually can’t believe how fast this year is going (already!)

Thought it would be a fantastic time to check in with myself to see how I’m doing with those oh so ‘daunting’ New Year Resolutions. I will give you a hint… not so bueno.

Meditate 5 minutes each day.

Ok so this started out OK. Honestly it’s HARD if you aren’t used to meditating. I have a hard time sitting still and allowing myself to not* be productive. I would say I have meditated about 2 times a week ( I know falling WAY short of my goal)… but  hey I think something is better than nothing.

Gym It 4 times a week. 

Woohoo. I am actually pretty dang good at completing this goal per week. I know I always, ALWAYS go at least 3 times a week to the gym. Saturday, Sundays, and usually either Thursday or Friday. I have definitely been able to get in my 4x a week since January 1st but would obviously like to really kick that up into full gear and never miss a week.

Cook once a week.

Oh lord. Ok so I made one great amazing meal after setting this goal and I am so sad to say… “it was fun while it lasted.” I am definitely going to try to reinstate this one. I just need to schedule better when I will have the time, etc. (Damn you NYC for being so crazy/busy all the time!)

Pack my lunch once a week. 

Again. Whoops. This goes hand in hand with cooking however so I hope once I ‘up’ my cooking skills they will carry over to my lunch-packing skills.

Journal 3 times a week.

I did start a journal again, which is pretty awesome! I would say I am able to write once or twice a week successfully. I am going to start bringing my journal to work and taking a short lunch break at a coffee shop to get my writing in.

While I have always been a pretty (super) organized person, I feel that with so much going on lately, I have been slacking a bit. In order to reassess my New Year Resolutions, I actually spoke to the folks over at At-A-Glance, a company that specializes and thrives from people coordinating their lives and staying organized. At-A-Glance sells planners, agendas, calendars, and journals so they know a thing or two about structuring your life and staying on top of goals!

Tips from At-A-Glance:

*Take the time to make your organizational tools fun, user-friendly and reflective of your personality so you enjoy referring to them.

*Life can happen outside of the margins too. Don’t just include appointments in the days of the week or month. Use the margins to remember recipes, shopping lists, track workouts or remind yourself of goals.

*Make appointments with yourself, not just with other people, so you stay on track, even if it just a block of time you need to finish a project.

*Keep everything in one place. Having a separate folder/binder/calendar for each thing (work,home, volunteer groups, etc.) makes it confusing and easy to misplace or forget.

*Remember that planners do more than just keep track of your busy life. At the end of the year, you have a handwritten story of your life. So take pride in keeping it organized and thoughtful.

So in order to get back-on-track I obtained a few agendas for my sister and I so we can really kick our butts (back) into gear. Because my work is so busy (meetings, deadlines, etc) I got a planner to have just at work, and one to stay home with me as well. Adriane does the same with her busy QVC schedule for Josie Maran Cosmetics.

What I love most about these planners are the patterns and little details that make staying organized just that much more fun.



Hope your resolutions are going swimmingly (at least more so than mine)! Now I am off to the gym to check that one off my list for the day. CK

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