Winter Beauty Tip – Milk & Honey!

The combination of this cold and windy east coast winter and my hard-to-kick runny nose has left my face craving extra moisture this time of year, and so very sensitive! Lucky for me I work for Josie Maran Cosmetics – a skincare line that’s number 1 goal is to provide 100% natural hydration and nourishment through her tried and true Argan Oil. I’ve been using Argan Oil head to toe for years, and it’s never let me down (or left me high and ‘dry’) – but this time of year my eyes, nose area, and hands need the ultimate moisture delivery.

Josie’s line recently came out with ‘Divine Drip Honey Butter Balm‘ – which is a lot like Josie’s body butter, and it’s churned into a custard-like texture with REAL HONEY. It’s rich texture is great for all of the body, but I’m OBSESSED with using it on my face (specifically that dry area you get right on your nose and lips from excessive nose blowing!) It is unscented and smells ever-so-slightly of honey, the ingredient which really packs a moisture punch!


For the area around the eyes, Josie’s MILK is just the ticket to hydration delivered deeply yet gently, with an added bonus of anti-aging. Yeah, it’s that good. I’ve been using it religiously so far this winter, and its light texture and fast absorption let me know it will be just fine to use all year ’round.

Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 11.03.50 AM

And finally, the very best beauty tip will never go out of style – a good night’s sleep! If you are having trouble falling asleep on these winter evenings, why not warm some almond milk and natural honey over the stove, for a relaxing and nourishing drink just before bed? The honey is a natural way to slightly raise your melatonin levels, making you sleepy, and the warm almond milk is a great source of protein that will help to raise your body temperature – this helps you relax and fall asleep.


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