Fall Cocktail Party Tips

Throwing a cocktail party doesn’t have to mean you make it a super-fancy affair – just make sure you follow these simple tips to make sure YOU the host get to have a nice time! After all, what’s the fun of throwing a party if you are stuck in the kitchen the entire party?

Create a Do-It-Yourself Bar

Set out some dark and light alcohol, mixers (club soda, a juice, and some tonic water), and wines. (Beer can be DIY as in getting it from the fridge.) and make sure you’ve pre-cut your citrus slices for people’s garnishes – much less sticky for you to clean later. Check out our visual step-by-step below to ensure the perfect lemon and lime wedges.




Make the Ice Drip-Free (Seriously!)

We love this hack so much. Instead of setting out a bowl or bucket of ice that will soon become all watery and slushy – place a nice colander of ice over a bowl of about the same size (we love the visual if they are both copper or metal,) so that there is about a half inch or inch between the two. That way as the ice melts, the water is caught in the bowl below.



Let’s face it, we’re not in college anymore, so a bag of chips and store bought dip won’t feed a crowd. Keep your guests from erring on the side of too-tipsy by setting out snacks that have a little more ‘oomph’ to them. No need to break the bank, just look in your fridge! As you’ll see in our video below, we sliced up some sharp cheddar, added a side of honey, and some mixed nuts for a salty and sweet snack! Get creative what you have.


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