Back to School Tips (for grown-ups!)

The end of summer comes at you like a cat approaching birdies at the bird-feeder. One moment it’s all melodic chirping and feasting, and then BOOM! Birds are forced to scatter as the silent kitty pounces! You guys know what we’re talking about. Summer’s just rolling along and you’ve worked up a pretty solid tan and then – BOOM! There’s the slightest chill in the air when you wake up one August morning and the dry leaves start to fall ever so gradually from the trees, hinting at what’s to come.

The almost-fall-feeling reminds us so much of the back-to-school mindset we still can’t shake even though we’re far from school age these days. What is super beneficial and what we try to do each year, is to grab that back-to-school mentality by the horns and to use it to our advantage. Just as in January we’re all coming up with resolutions and ways to whip our lives into better shape, why not use the fresh start feeling of late summer/early fall to make some streamline changes in your life!? (no diets or workout plans follow, we promise!)

Some Ideas for your Fresh Start this Autumn:

  1.  Save Some Money:  You can easily brainstorm ways that work for YOU to save money starting now. You’ll feel so proud of the willpower you employ to make this happen and your wallet will thank you come holiday party season as you eye the most sparkly of sparkly dresses.. Here are some ideas to help you save!
  • Pack Your Lunch Mon-Thurs and treat yourself on Fridays!
  • Make yourself use only cash for small purchases- making you more mindful of what you spend!
  • Start brewing your own coffee in the morning and carry it in a cute mug– those daily trips to the barista really add up!

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 10.01.49 AM

2. Clean Your ROOM:  Yup, this bit of advice does sound school-age, but trust us – this fresh start makes a huge difference! Claudia and I set aside 2 hours this Sunday and cleaned the entire apartment – we even rearranged furniture and did a few rug swaps (and trashed an old and dingy one) – giving our whole living space a ‘fresh’ feel that makes us ready for a new season!

jute rug

A neutral Jute Rug like this works in any room

3. Freshen Up Your Skincare Routine:  The weather is about to change, and that means you need to adapt your beauty routine! While you may just be the type like us who ‘wings it’ in the summer, the colder weather is much tougher on your skin. The new season too means you can play with some fresh colors and shades. Clean out your make-up bag and try and incorporate a couple of new items to play with – CoverGirl, Almay, and Revlon are 3 super-affordable drugstore brands you can have fun with and still save money. The most key aspect of your new beauty routine will be hydration. We have always been obsessed with Josie Maran’s line – all based on the miracle ingredient of Argan Oil, and now through Addy’s job we can really dive right in! Check out a few of the reviews of what it does for your skin and hair- you’ll be amping up your hydration in no time!


4.  Make Bedtime a ‘Thing’:  In the summer, the sun’s out forever, everyone wants to take full advantage of the weather, so you find yourself staying out late and skimping on beauty rest. Make your sleep a priority this season by setting a bedtime for yourself and sticking to it! (It helps if you don’t eat about 2 hours before, and skip the late-afternoon caffeine.) Your work productivity will soar (HELLO, promotion!) and you won’t miss those dark circles that followed you around all summer, either.

5.  Go Green:  Bring some of the life and vitality of summer’s foliage indoors so you won’t be so bummed as the last leaves fall in a few months! Indoor plants really add character to a room and give you a breath of fresh air during the cold winter months. Our dad is more knowledgable about plants than anyone we know, so he always gives us Philodendrons to care for as they are so hard to kill. But seriously, this hardy plant needs minimal watering and will withstand stress with ease. It looks kinda pretty, too 🙂


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  1. Dora

    Hey 🙂

    Looooved reading this post!
    Especially the ‘saving money’ part, as I was thinking of writing one of those myself. 🙂

    Lovely pot!

    Have a nice day. 🙂


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