Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide- Let’s Give it a Try!

Holy smokes! After debating it for months and months and months I finally decided to embark on the Kayla Itsine’s Bikini Body Guide workout plan! I came across Kayla well over a year ago when browsing Instagram tucked in bed one chilly winter morning. This chick was FIT, motivating, and posted so many amazing successful transformations of all of her beautiful users.

I followed her on Instagram immediately and became obsessed with this 12 week program I knew next to nothing about.

FLASH FORWARD to just 3 weeks ago. I don’t know what came over me but that was IT. I was going to DO THIS WORKOUT.

Quick recap of what the Bikini Body Guide (or BBG) IS and what it actually entails:

Kayla Itsines- Australian personal trainer- designed a 12 week program to help women achieve their perfect bikini bodies. This is not as shallow as it sounds! Over the course of her personal training Kayla took-note from her clients on what they really wanted out of their workouts and out of their bodies. Most women agreed they just wanted to look and feel confident in a bikini. This is where the workout plan was born!

The 12 week program includes 3 days each week of specific circuits and exercises which amount to 28 minutes each. Kayla also encourages you to do 2 days of Low Intensity Steady State  (LISS) a week and 1 day of High intensity Interval Training (HITT) every week .

I have completed my 3rd week of the program and so far so good! Let me tell you this regime is TOUGH. Like tough, tough. But so rewarding. Now I get why girls on Instagram hashtag their workouts with #deathbykayla! (I have never sweat so much in my life).

A few snaps of my last 3 weeks gymming it!

Got myself a nice new Steve Madden gym bag (on sale-duh) from Boltons to inspire me to get my butt to the gym!


I love my gym studio on the weekend- I have it all to myself and it overlooks a pretty little courtyard!The Kissters Workout

Being cheesy at home! Went on a river walk with my pops to get in my LISS for the day!

The Kissters

My gym’s studio was booked for classes and the rain last week made my roof a no-go so I set up shop inside our tiny apartment to get through Week 3 Day 3! Yup. I used wine bottles as weights.

 The Kissters

Questions I have for other girls doing #BBG:

Do you ever split up the work outs? Do half in the morning and half at night? I’ve been doing that for time-saving purposes and I really like it- I just don’t want to be missing out if it doesn’t give me the same results, etc.

I still can’t do a full REAL push-up so I do them on my knees? Is it better to get through only 2 full REAL pushups or 15 knee pushups?

AHH. Ok time to wrap this up and start WEEK 4!!! Wish me luck!


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