5 Ways to Make Your Summer Cocktails ‘Skinny’

Just because the weather is pretty and outdoor Happy Hour invitations come up quite often once the day winds to a close, doesn’t mean you have to throw your bikini aspirations out the window! We have 5 simple tips to keep you on track while enjoying a cocktail this evening.


1. Citrus. Cuts. Calories.

It may seem like a no-brainer, but mixing your beverage with anything sugary or pre-made is really going to add calories to your drink. So, if you are a big tequilla fan like us, flavor your drink with more fresh lime juice and less pre-made margarita mix! (At home this tip is super simple to do, and if you’re at a restaurant just opt for club soda and extra limes instead!)

2. Sprizters – Not Just for your Aunt Sally

If you’ve never ordered a ‘wine spritzer’ in your life, well then you are ACTUALLY missing out on a healthy little party secret! When it’s warm out it can be easy to throw back a cocktail (or three) too quickly because you’re actually just thirsty! If you’re drinking delicious white wine or rose this summer, just ‘spritz’ in a little club soda to make sure you’re hydrated and not accidentally drinking so many extra calories.

3. Fresh Fruit for Flavor

It may be a stretch for us to suggest that you count drinking a glass of sangria towards your daily fruit intake 🙂 but may we please suggest you work fruit into ANY mixed drinks you’re whipping up? Simply freeze yummy fruits the night before and blend away with a little vodka or tequilla come happy hour! We love:  Strawberries, blueberries, pineapple and watermelon! When ordering at a bar, opt for drinks that have muddled fruit on the bottom – way healthier for you than added syrups and sugars!strawberry

4. Learn this word: SHANDY

A shandy it the wonderful wonderful combination of two amazing things:  Lemonade and Beer. It’s a good way too to cut back on so many startchy beer calories. Order it at a bar or make your own at home with San Pellegrino sparkling lemonade in your pint!

5. Less Ingredients, Less Pounds (on you)

When in doubt of the exact sugar/calorie content of a drink, just stick to something simple like a beer or glass of wine. A delicious dark beer is no worse for you than a ‘light’ beer – and if you’re really enjoying it you may drink more slowly! Wine is a great summer drink too – usually coming in at wayyyyy less calories and sugar than any fancy mixed drink from the bar or blender.

Happy Summer, ya’ll!

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