AptDeco Feature

When Adriane and I  moved into our tiny Gramercy apt a few months ago we were so excited to start NEW. Isn’t that be best feeling? To re-start your life. And what better what to do so than with a brand new apartment! We were both coming from situations with limited furniture so it was up to us to create a nice ambiance and feel for our apartment.

We’re obviously huge fans of discount-shopping and Craigslist but buying furniture in New York City can be TOUGH! You have to usually pay in cash (for sites like Craigslist) AND find a way to transport the furniture and movers can be hella EXPENSIVE. So when we found the site AptDeco we were like, “SCORE!”

AptDeco is an amazing online site that lets you buy and sell furniture. And for an additional small price (or cut) they DELIVER. It’s a New Yorker’s dream come true!

We purchased an amazing Crate and Barrel couch for less than $200 which INCLUDED delivery!

AptDeco came by to shoot with us and featured our apartment on their site- to check out our full feature click HERE.

The Kissters


Thank you AptDeco for helping outfit our apartment!!


CK and AK

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