Not-So-Common Natural Remedies for a Cold!

You’ve done again, cowboy. Burned the candle at both ends during the holiday season and now you’ve wound up with a very nasty cold! If you’re anything like us, you’ve already sent yourself down a WebMD spiral from which you may never return. (Well, at least until you’re better!) So while you’re suffering, perch here for a bit and gather some info on how to at least soothe some of what is aching!

1. Hot Toddies for Everyone

We drink these to warm up in winter even when we’re not sick – but if you have a sore throat and feeling chilled to the bone, whip up this concoction and you’ll be feeling better in no time.

1 cup boiling water

1 tea bag, steeped in said water

1 heaping spoonful of honey

1 lemon wedge with cloves in the rind if you have them – then squeeze lemon

1 and 1/2 ounces whiskey

Stir all ingredients and sip slowly

the kissters hot toddy

image via The Guardian

2. Stick This up Your Nose

Clogged sinuses? Use this weird (but effective!) trick to declog. When you are eating an orange for all of the lovely Vitamin C its providing you, save the peel and stick two small – but not too small- pieces of the peel up your nose just slightly. The citrus oils will have your unclogged in no time!

orange the kissters

image via

3. An Anti-Viral Cinnamon and Honey Trick that Tastes Pretty Good, Too

We learned this from a natural healer friend of ours and have used this trick time and time again to soothe the following pains:  clogged sinuses, sore throat, general nastiness, and an upset tummy. Mix together 1 part honey, and 1 part cinnamon into a thick gross-looking paste. Then eat it with a spoon. It’s quite intense but quite tasty. Both honey and cinnamon have anti-viral properties – you’ll notice you’ll be feeling better soon after this trick!


image via Beauty Glimpse

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