Don’t be Lazy, Send Love: Holiday Cards 2014

There is really no excuse to NOT sending your love this holiday season. What better way to say HAPPY HOLIDAYS than with a gorgeous holiday card. There are so many amazing patterns, prints, and designs to choose from so you better get to lookin’ NOW. I rounded up a few cards that struck my fancy. I urge you to send good ole fashioned snail mail but if you opt for online (I mean I guess it IS 2014) then there are amazing sites like to get top-of-the-line greeting cards for your friends and fam.
holiday cards
Last year I decided to be organized and gathered all my friends and family’s addresses to Conxt. Conxt is a FREE online address book that allows you to keep track of all your contacts’ information and addresses. I wrote about it last year in our Self Magazine Column and still use it to this day!
Happy holiday card shopping.
(Now get off your butt and go get some cards!!)

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