What We’re Pinterested In this week

I wanna scream it from the rooftops-it’s almost FALL! As much as I love warm weather, cut off shorts, and outside dining, I completely an utterly love autumn. New York City is in the middle of New York Fashion Week (#NYFW) and you can feel the energy on the streets. It’s definitely the time to start window shopping for fall fashion!

The summer is so busy that I am almost ( actually I am REALLY) looking forward to hibernating a bit during fall and winter. This past Saturday was very cool and rainy so I pretty much pretended like it was winter and hunkered down in my apartment on Saturday night for some good ole trash TV and PINTEREST. While “pinteresting” I found some really sweet thangs that I wanted to share!

While I don’t have any Tory Burch flats at the moment, I saw these and just had to pin them! They are nude open-toed flats with the cutest bow. I like how the Tory Burch emblem is very small in the center. These are the perfect “transitional” flats from summer into fall. However at $265 I might just have to find an “off-brand” version that will do.


tory burch flats interest kissters

Tory Burch Trudy Flats

Couldn’t resist pinning this “save the date” card I found. I love the simplicity of this and I’m not a huge fan of “engagement photos” so I love that this save the date has a  lil theme (without having a photo). Even though I’m not even close to being married- there is not harm in pinning a lil’ bridal inspiration!

save the date pinterest

Save the Date from Etsy: Wedding Monograms 

Bling bling bling! I am completely obsessed with these rings I found. I wear gold jewelry nearly  every day and feel like these stackable rings would be an awesome addition. Hmm.. I might just have to splurge!

rings pinterest

Stackable rings from Etsy: Lux Divine

Whenever I go on to Pinterest I am reminded how amazing it is. Can’t wait for more chilly nights so I can stay in and pin my heart out!

Happy (almost) fall!


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