A Quick Way to save 10 bucks!

Small success!

Moving can take a lot out of you- but it can also take a lot out of your wallet! All those little things add up… New coffee maker, new bedding, new shower curtain. Oh my!

So in an effort to save a little dough after our big move, I’ve decided to set baby goals for myself. One of them is to NOT buy my regular morning coffee.

Every morning I usually go to Pret and buy a small coffee. Pret, in my opinion, has some of the best coffee in the city.  I’m so obsessed and I truly crave the taste and smell of it every single morning. HOWEVER. AT almost 2 bucks a cup, that’s around 10 bucks a week just for coffee. And I’m embarrassed to admit- my office has coffee- FREE coffee for all of its employees.

grayt coffee kissters

Image via Grayt Coffee House

So this week I challenged myself to not buy a single cup of coffee- and I DID IT! (It’s the little things) And now I know I’m about 10 dollars “richer!” That’s 40 bucks a month- or approximately 2 full workout outfits from Old Navy. Heck yeah.

Going to try to keep up this little habit. I haven’t missed it TOO much. I am not going to lie… I prefer the taste of Pret coffee over the coffee served in my office but there really isn’t much difference.

One of these days I will try to give up coffee all together and see how I fair… but that challenge can wait.

Happy Friday!






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