Girl, You Don’t Even Know (5 Great Uses for Baby Powder)

Who knew you could smell nice and solve (most) of the world’s problems all on a super-frugal budget?! Well, thanks to the properties in simple household products that have uses you’ve probably never thought of, you can kill a bunch of birds with one stone – and that stone today – is BABY POWDER!

Here are some great life-hacks involving baby powder:

  1. ) Use as a Dry Shampoo:  You can blot excess oil at your scalp with a little baby powder! This trick works best at night as you have hours for the stuff to work its magic while you’re sleeping,  and it will be gone by morning. This works if you’re in a pinch when getting ready in the morning, too! Just sprinkle a tiny bit where you have oily roots and brush into hair. A blow dryer helps to disseminate the powder quickly. Your locks will smell fresh, and the baby powder soaks up excess oil!
  2. ) Prevent Blisters:  Going for a run and sweaty feet giving you blisters? Sprinkle a little in your socks and shoes before heading out – this will help you have a smooth, blister-free run!
  3. ) Untangle your Jewelry:  A necklace or bracelet that is all tangled up in itself can easily be ‘solved’ by sprinkling a little powder on it to help you untangle.
  4. ) No More Ants in your Pants (or Picnic):  If you’re dining outside and tired of ants crawling from the ground onto your picnic blanket, just sprinkle a little around the border. This is a humane way to stop them in their tracks!
  5. ) Because Sand Belongs on the Beach:  Tired of tracking sand inside the house on beach days? Just dust a little baby powder on your feet to help the sand slide off your person, and stay outside!


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