Tipsy Affogato: Boozy Ice Cream Dessert

This dessert combines 3 of our favorite things in the world:


Ice cream




We completely flipped for this recipe. Our full video on the Tipsy Affogato can be found on

Here is the simple run down of how to make this Italian-inspired treat!



2 dessert glasses (we chose big ole wine glasses)

2 scoops of vanilla ice cream

2 shots of espresso or strong coffee

2 shots of Amaretto (can also use Frangelico or Cognac)

Dark chocolate shavings for garnish



In each glass, spoon out one scoop of vanilla ice cream. Top with espresso and Amaretto. Garnish with chocolate shavings.

Makes: 2

We think this dessert is perfect for a weekend night after-dinner splurge OR to make for guests at a dinner party. It’s simple but also mind-boggling delish.


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