Very Vinyl

Finally- I went ahead and tried vinyl nail polish (also called Vinylux)! Adriane convinced me after her ruby red nails for the 4th of July lasted nearly a whole week with no chips.

I usually do regular manicures myself OR get a gel mani (mostly for vacations or special occasions). I love gel but sometimes I get tired of the color 2 weeks into it. I wanted to get my nails done for Joe’s bar opening tomorrow (205 Club in the LES!) but I wanted something that would just last one week… with NO chipping.

I mean- I just got them done last night so of course they  are in good shape today but I must say I like it so far! I went for a bright white since I’ll be wearing a neon dress tomorrow.

the kissters nails

Color is cream puff by Vinylux

kissters vinylImage via Sleek Hair

The true test will be in a week from now but so far I love the polish!



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