Insta Update: Smoothies Galore

It’s the weekend (woohoo!) and I couldn’t be happier staying in on this rainy Saturday night. Looks like “April showers” are coming early. There’s almost nothing I love more than being snug on the couch and listening to the rain outside.

I’m currently recovering from a stomach bug (NO FUN) but other than that the last couple weeks have been super fun and busy. I think everyone in NYC is really itching for the nice weather to kick in!

Last week I did a 3 day “juice-ish” cleanse. The reason I say “juice-ish” is because I basically just blended fruit and veggies in my nutribullet- I don’t believe that’s straight up juicing, right? Anyways, I would drink about 2-3 of those smoothies (I think smoothie is a more appropriate term for what I was making) between breakfast and lunch and would also snack on carrots and celery. For dinner, I would have cooked kale and other fresh fruits and veggies.

SO. The first 2 days I felt “meh.” I don’t know- I think maybe my body wasn’t used to digesting SO much fruit and veggies at once? To be honest it made me feel a little bloated and low-energy. But by day 3 I felt pretty darn good. AND it really made me realize how easy and delicious it is to keep my diet “clean.” So I think I’ll start making these smoothies for breakfast and/or lunch everyone once in a while.

The last couple weeks via Insta pics:

the kissters

Juicing with the Nutribullet

the kissters

Fresh fruit smoothie bar in the East Village (when I got lazy and just ordered a smoothie for lunch)

the kissters

Candy’s 30th Birthday Brunch at Sociale in Brooklyn

the kissters

Vodka grapefruit drink at Sociale

the kissters

Filming for Celebrations! Prepping our Mad Men cocktail that features American Harvest vodka

Have a happy weekend!



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