Get Energized in the Morning… for an Awesome Workout!

It’s a great feeling to get in an energizing workout in the morning before the long workday, but sometimes it can be so hard to get motivated that early in the am! We don’t know about you, but we are STILL adjusting to this whole ‘spring forward’ time change! It doesn’t help either that NYC is still snowy and windy even in late March.

Here are a few tips we’re using this spring that will have you out and running on your favorite path in no time (and as a great preclude to bikini weather!)



Image via Womens Running Competitor

1.) Start setting your alarm now for what time you’d actually need to get up to fit in a workout. This may take you a couple weeks to adjust, and a lot of snoozing button hitting in the meantime, but soon you’ll find yourself waking up naturally at that hour!

2.) Lay out not only your workout gear, but also your work clothes for the day the night before. This way you’ll have even less of a time crunch at the gym!

3.) Three little words will change the way you look at a morning workout: Automatic .Coffee. Makers. Set it the night before so that you will wake up to the smell of fresh brewing coffee. It’s ACTUALLY as good as it sounds! Caffeine has also been proven to help your strength and energy during the duration of your workout!

coffee drinker

Image via Vmobile

4.) Shortcuts in the morning are key – why not stash the finishing touches of your make-up in your purse? That way you just have to focus on getting your hair dried before walking out the door, and all you’ll need is a little top-off in the bathroom mirror at your office!

5.) Make sure you’re fully rested. This is a no-brainer for getting up early. However, try this little tip to help you get in bed even earlier:  Shut off any electric devices at least 30 minutes before you would like to be sound asleep. Studies have shown your brain is actually tricked into staying ‘awake’ longer by the light from your iPhone or laptop as it can seem a lot like the sun!


Image via Wikimedia

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