Good Wife Flashback: SPOILER ALERT

So the handsome and charming Will Gardner (played by Josh Charles) was killed off The Good Wife!


When I first moved to the city I was lucky enough to land a steady and reoccurring background gig playing Will Gardner’s assistant on the show. For 2 years I made the trek to Greenpoint, Brooklyn -where the show films.

Working on The Good Wife opened up so many fun opportunities (including joining the union and getting health insurance- whoop whoop!) It also  introduced me to such an awesome group of people and so many great friends.

I’m sure everyone is so sad to see Josh Charles go! (He is the man by the way!)

Hearing the news makes me remember what a fun, exciting time that was!

Cheers to Josh Charles, ‘Will Gardner’, and The Good Wife!


josh with background

 Josh Charles with all of the regular background peeps!

 stage 20 goodwife

My first  “office” in New York City! Stage 10 in Greenpoint, Brooklyn!




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