It’s February!

Happy February everyone. Well- we definitely started off February with one of the most un-exciting Super Bowls of all time (game and commercials!)- don’t cha think!?  Other than that things are spicy in New York City.

It’s cold and it’s snowy but everyone in my life is down to pretend that this nasty weather is not happening- and I’m 100% OK with that.

Here’s the week through pic-chas. (That means “pictures” did you get that)…

the kissters

Game time at Ace Bar

Super cold morning in the East village

the kissters

Brunch! Kale salad with 2 baked eggs at Northern Spy

the kissters

Self Magazine love for our “Hangover Yoga” article- up on Self now!

the kissters

Dessert platter. From the beautiful staff at Yerba Buena

the kissters

Snowy Stuyvesant Town in the East Village

the kisstersCo-worker birthday love

Here is to another week!



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