Holiday Clean-Up Tips

Holiday decorations are a lot more fun to put up than they are to take down, but we’ve got some great tips to help you this time of year.

Not only can you facilitate the clean up process with a few key tips, but we’ve also got advice on how to pack up your holiday decor so that it’s easier on you when taking it out again next year!

Prevent Tangles

Christmas lights seem to want to tangle immediately instantly when they go back into storage. Use something round like a used wrapping paper roll, or even a few paper towel rolls to wrap them around and avoid tangles.

the kissters

Image via Lesser Evil Life

Avoid Breaks

Your glass bulbs look beautiful on the tree but can be quite difficult to keep from breaking. Use an egg carton to store them and avoid mishaps. We also like to use an old wine box with partitions for the bottles. Just wrap each glass bulb or breakable ornament in left over tissue paper from presents and store them in each section of the box.

the kisstersImage via Grathio

Freeze It

Have holiday candle holders filled with burned-down votive candles? Just pop them in the freezer for a few hours to shrink the wax a bit. The old candle will pop right out!

the kissters

Image via Casa Sugar

Freeze It, Part Two

Have leftover boxes of tinsel for the tree you’d like to use next year? Store them in the back of your freezer! This will keep them from getting a static charge and cling when you take them out next year.


Happy New Year!




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