Olivia Pope Home Style

I just can’t get enough of Scandal. It took a LOT of badgering (from my sister’s end) to get me to start this show. I haven’t really been into any fictional shows lately- I usually stick to 48 hours murder mysteries or trashy reality TV. But a couple of weeks ago it was frigid outside and I had some time to kill so I thought “Oh what the heck- I’ll watch that Scandal show.” I fell in LOVE! It’s so juicy and fun and quick. Not to mention I am utterly obsessed with Kerry Washington’s character: Olivia Pope. She is badass, beautiful, and strong. She is flawed too which I love because you feel like you can really relate to her.
But what I like most about Olivia Pope is her style. She’s such a strong kick ass character but also extremely feminine and stylish- in every aspect of her life.
Her apartment is just gorgeous so I decided to recap her style through Polyvore.
Olivia Pope Home Style
I found out that I am not the only one that is intrigued by Olivia Pope’s style. There is a lot of internet buzz about “Olivia Pope wine glasses” and “Olivia Pope apartment style.” It was really her long stemmed big goblet style wine glasses that inspired me to do a lil more research. They are just gorgeous.
Here is an up close and personal look at her trademark wine glass.
olivia pope wine glass
This is from Crate and Barrel for just $14.95.
Ugh! I just love.

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