New Years Resolution: Keeping up with Friends!

Well you know what they say:

Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver, the other is gold!

It’s almost the New YEAR. (How did 2014 get here so dang quick!?)

I asked some friends what their New Years Resolutions were and several of my friends said they hope that in 2014 they do a better job of keeping up with  friends. I feel like this is SUCH an amazing and sweet New Years Resolution!

I decided to also go ahead an make this resolution one of mine this year as well. Here are a couple “tips” to help you keep up this “friendly” resolution:

One of my new favorite websites  is Conxt. I featured this a few weeks ago on Self Magazine.

Conxt is a fab way to organize all your contacts complete with addresses, birthdays- the whole shebang! I used this site to send out my Christmas cards. I was able to export my entire address  list into an excel spreadsheet and send out my cards, checking off each name as I went. So. Easy.

So start asking your friends for their addresses so you’ll have all their info in one place! This way you can send away a snail mail card at a moments notice AND have all your buddies’ birthdays ready to go. (Conxt has an option where they EMAIL you a reminder of your contacts’ birthdays- genius!)

the kissters new years resolution

Image via Oh So Cherished 

Why not tell an old friend “hello” just because. You can do this quickly with an e-card. Check out for adorable e-cards designed by a team of amazing designers.

We love the #justbecause collection by Celebrations which literally has the cutest e-cards for ANY occasion.

This one sums up MANY of my friends:

The Kissters Just because

Hope you’re having fun coming up with some sweet New Years Resolutions!




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