Holiday Bling

Who doesn’t love a lil’ bling? I went on a MISSION last week to find the perfect statement necklace for my all-black holiday party outfit. What I found out was that statement necklaces are very, VERY expensive!

I went to some staple stores like Banana Republic and J Crew and realized that statement necklaces (they very pretty ones with lots of shine and stones) range from about 50 to over 200 buckaroos! Holy moly. I couldn’t believe it. Not gonna lie- I was pretty dumbfounded and discouraged.

But then- of course- I made my way to the thrift stores. And, SCORE!

I went to Buffalo Exchange in the East village and found oh so many statement necklaces all for under 20 bucks!

I finally settled on this beauty for just 12 dollars!


kissters holiday bling


The forest green was perfect for my company holiday party last week. Very pleased with my purchase and that I didn’t have to spend a fortune!


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