A Simple and Playful DIY Rudolph Wreath!

The entryway into your home during the holidays is a wonderful way to incite the holiday spirit and warm feelings of hospitality. For Celebrations.com we came up with this super simple DIY craft that has just the right amount of holiday cheer. Watch the full video for instructions, and be sure to check out Celebrations for more great holiday DIY crafts and entertaining tips!

the kissters


A Faux-Greenery Wreath

2 – 4 thin branches without leaves (any branches that resemble antlers)

One red puff ball

Floral wire

Super glue


1.  Using the wreath as your base, adhere the branches with floral wire to either side of the wreath facing upwards and away from the ‘face.’ They will resemble Rudolph’s antlers.

2.  For Rudolph’s nose, glue the red ball to the bottom center of the wreath. Allow proper drying time for this to set. To further secure the nose, we made sure a few of the wire ‘leaves’ were bent closely around the nose.

3. Hang the wreath wherever you’d like to spread holiday cheer!

the kissters


the kissters


the kissters


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