Turn your Bathroom into a Museum: Bathroom Art

Is it weird that I love bathrooms?

I love that a bathroom can be a special sanctuary and a much needed space for quiet time. I am not a mother but can imagine that this is a place (if not the only place) for peace and quiet. I am also very fond of unique bathroom art pieces. I think that the ole W.C. (water closet) is the perfect place to get a lil fun and funky when decorating! I went on etsy and found a few of my favorite bathroom masterpieces:

 Birds are so in right now. Why not add a few of these tweeters in your bathroom? This print from  bySamantha is simple, chic, and perfect for bathroom decor.


Need a little reminder to scrub those pearly whites? This colorful word art from Belly Babies can add a lot to a stark bathroom. Get a bathroom mat to match one of the colors and you’re decorating is almost complete!


You can never go wrong with vintage. Adriane and I had a couple framed vintage prints in our old bathroom on the Upper West Side (note to self: find pictures of these). There are so many great old magazine advertisements that incorporate beauty and well- shower type things- that would be perfect in a girly bathroom!

This print by curtmerlo would look stellar in a black frame.


Now I need to practice what I preach and make a purchase to jazz up my bathroom!


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