Best Time Ever: NYC’s Our Bar

New Yorkers… take note!
The first Wednesday of every month Adriane and I go to a lil somethin’ called Our Bar.
Our Bar The Kissters
 Our Bar is a monthly theater show comprised of roughly 10 original scenes that take place in… (you guessed it)… a bar!
Audience members grab a drink, find a seat, and watch the stories unfold. Our Bar is often described as a month’s worth of bar antics artfully shoved into one hour, and like any great night out on the town, each show is unique.
WHOA magazine stated, “Our Bar is the best $10 you’ll ever spend!”
We could not agree more.
The next show, “SPREAD”, is Wednesday, November 6th at 7 and 9pm at Failte Irish Whiskey Bar at 531 2nd Ave in Manhattan. If you live in NYC you have got to check it ou.
 Tickets are just 10 bucks  and you get a FREE Bud Light.  Seriously!? 10 dollars for a beer AND a hilarious and captivating performance. You can’t get that in New York City- anywhere.
To know what you’ll expect check out the OUR BAR TEASER VIDEO.
-More info can be found at
Follow Our Bar on Facebook and twitter:  Facebook: OurBarNYC Twitter: OurBarNYC
Photos from past performances:
our bar 2
Cast member, Kaelin Birkenhead amping up the crowd!
Our bar 6
Behind the bar at every show is the beautiful and wise bartender, Jen Logue.
Karen Bray and Allison Moody prove that anything is possible at Our Bar, including paranormal activity! 
Our Bar 7
Cast member, Michael McComiskey closes the show with the OUR BAR theme song.

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