Some ‘Scent-Sational’ Fun Facts About Perfume!

Wearing perfume makes a statement and we think also helps you to feel pretty, confident, and sexy. It’s the finishing touch to your evening look and what makes your signature work look stand out from the crowd.  White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor is a legendary scent created by the icon herself – it is a classic floral scent that can easily go from day to night.

Elizabeth Taylor believed that every woman could enjoy the luxury and intimacy of a special fragrance – and she has said it delivers the special feeling of wearing diamonds every day. J

According to a study by the brand, here are some really fun facts about fragrance and having a ‘signature scent:’

·         81% of women apply fragrance once a day

·         90% of women wear a fragrance for date night

·         71% of women feel that wearing a fragrance makes them sexier

·         72% of women have one signature scent

·         74% of women think that having a signature scent makes them more memorable

We love these fun facts about perfume! If you want to check out the versatile and always classic ‘White Diamonds Elizabeth Taylor,’ it can be purchased at Macys,, and fine department stores.


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