16 Reasons to Love 16 Handles

Before summer’s over, we feel the urgent need to tell you what we’ve been up to all summer – dessert wise, that is. 16 Handles – the greatest invention of all time is a self-serve ice cream joint that started with just 1 location in New York City, and has blossomed into many, many more! With the days growing shorter and cooler, you need to check out 16 Handles before it is too late!

One of the best parts is (number 7) if you are trying to be just a little bit healthy while satisfying your sweet tooth, you can get just a little bit of ice cream! So genius! You can also save a little money too, because you pay by weight!

the kissters

16 Reasons we love 16 Handles:

1.) Multiple NYC locations – hellooooo convenience!

2.) They have a ‘Tart’ flavor as in Red Mango or Pinkberry – but YOU get to control your portion size!

3.) There are always 16 flavors (i.e. ‘handles’ you pull down to get your ice cream!)

4.) ‘Serve yourself’ toppings bar… WHAT?

5.) There are a bevy of sauces at the end of said toppings bar.. can you say ‘marshmallow + peanut butter’ five times fast?

6.) The staff is made up of the friendliest, most cheerful people in NYC!

7.) You pull down a lever, and ice cream comes out. That is amazing on so many levels – you get as many flavors, and as much or as little as you want!

8.) Two words for #8:  waffle. bowls.

9.) Kids love 16 Handles! If you’re babysitting some tikes for the day, bring them to 16 Handles and let them run freeeee.

10.) The music they play makes you happy. Maybe it’s because you know you’re about to eat ice cream? But still, so upbeat and fun!

11.) The Birthday Cake flavor tastes like real birthday cake!

12.) You can eat 16 Handles on your birthday.. FO FREE! All you have to do is sign up for a card!

13.) They have seasonal flavors like Eggnog and Apple Cider Donuts!

14.) Watching your sugar intake? They have flavors with ‘no sugar added.’ Sweet!

15.) If you’re lactose intolerant, no biggie! 16 Handles has sorbet too.

16.) The ice cream there is really, really good. Go see for yourself!



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