Coffee Stencil Fail

I love small DIY projects but sometimes they don’t always go as planned.

Yesterday I saw some amazing coffee stencils on Pinterest. Coffee stencling ( I think i Just made this a verb) is where you shake cinnamon or coco over a stencil that’s on top of a cup of coffee and you get a sweet little image or note.

Like this:

coffee stencils

Image via Loving Fast

What a cute way to wake someone up in the morning.

I figured, this must be so easy!

So I tried to create a cute heart stencil from paper and do it myself!

This is what happened:

coffee stencil

So let’s just say not every DIY project turns out as planned! I am going to do some research and see what I did wrong!

If at first you don’t succeed — buy more coffee– and try again!


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