Quick Bookcase DIY

I am still settling into my apartment downtown and have been taking my time to buy furniture and hang up wall hangings. I usually rush these things and “settle” but this time I am trying to make my room a really enjoyable place that is just my taste!

I had this book case that was really wasn’t doing it for me astheitcally. I was planning on buying a new side table for next to my bed but I realized my bookcase was so functional and perfect for holding my file folders of papers and documents. I just could NOT stand the color of the fake wood.

So I went over to Ace Hardware and picked a grey/off white color to paint it. The best part was that I got the paint from the “Oops!” section so it was just a dollar! Talk about frugal.

I painted the bookcase 2 coats and I am super pleased with the outcome.

It fits in with my home decor and really looks more expensive!

diy bookcaseIt is really amazing how just a couple coats of paint can transform a piece!



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