Brows Zings by Benefit Cosmetics

In the past I have somewhat ignored my brows. I’ve kept them thick and plucked from time to time but have never really put much thought into brow beauty products.

Recently Adriane and I attended a Benefit cosmetics event in Soho and were able to try out several products and got to pick up a few “on the house!”

I chose this brow zings kit that is all about the (you-guessed-it) brows!

The Kissters Benefit

Photo via Benefit Cosmetics

It comes with a small pair of tweezers, tinted eyebrow wax and powder. I had no idea what to do with it but luckily it comes with super easy instructions.

I am a fan. Filling in and shaping your brows takes no time at all but makes a huge difference. A full brow is more dramatic and really helps frame your eyes. I will definitely continue to use this product– maybe not for every day but definitely on nights and weekends! At $30 it’s a bit pricey but will last a while!



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