Weekend in the City

Was so nice to stay in the city this weekend and enjoy the neighborhood. Between running a lot of weekend errands, I was able to check out a couple new spots! I also started running. Well I ran a little over a mile two days in a row–  not too bad for someone who has not run since gym class in high school.  I downloaded the new (FREE) app called Moves which I am somewhat obsessed with. Moves tells you how much you walk and run in steps, miles, etc. Every morning it updates you on the day before. It’s so amazing. As a New Yorker, I walk A LOT. And now I know exactly how much I walk. On Saturday I walked 5.5 miles without even knowing it. Crazy!

photo 1 (5)

Happy hour drinks at Schapiro’s  on the Lower East Side

photo 1 (6)

Morning coffee at the fountain in Stuyvesant town


photo 2 (4)

Fatta Cuckoo; Lower East Side


photo 3 (2)

Yummy asparagus at Fatta Cuckoo 


photo 4 (5)

Spiked rosemary lemonade


photo 3 (3)

Union Square Farmer’s Market flowers


Happy Monday!


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