Savor your food and your money with Savored

It’s Friday and I am happy. HAPPY happy. It’s a dreary day here in NYC but the forecast calls for sun the next two days. Weekend here we come!

Tonight I’m trying out the restaurant Fatta Cuckoo with my friend Gracie. She has recently turned me on to Savored which is the best way to book reservations at restaurants WITH a discount.

Savored is available in these following cities:

New York City





Los Angeles



San Francisco

Washington DC

You basically go to your city, the neighborhood you want, pick a restaurant and see how much they’re offering as a discount. You book your FREE reservation and you’re good to go. You just let your server at the restaurant know that you booked through savor and you can get up to %40 of your entire meal.

Tonight Gracie and I are getting %25 off our entire meal. Holler for a dollar! Literally.

Not too shabby.

Check it out here: Savored

Happy dining!





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