Moving Madness

If you follow us on Instagram or twitter then you probably know we are in the middle of a big move. Well it is not technically “big” (we are staying in NYC and just going downtown)– but when you live on the top floor of a 6 floor walk up you can even classify taking the garbage out as a “big move.”

We have been so lucky to have an extra room in our Upper West Side apartment. This has now become the ‘staging room’ slash ‘bane of my existence’
The Kissters moving
If I have learned anything from moving this time around it is that everything takes you about 30 minutes to 3 hours longer than you expected. One tiny dresser drawer becomes “should I keep this” and “what the hell does this connect to?”
Oh, moving!
Meanwhile as we have been packing away our parents (who are looking after Mac our cat for a while) sent us this pic:
Must be nice Mac, must be nice…
mac sleeping

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