Quick Fix: The Best Last Minute Bronzer

Sleeveless shirts and short-shorts mean bare limbs! Eek!

We often write about self tanners because– lets face it– it’s nice to have a healthy glow! We’ve tried several products but my latest go-to is the Sephora Illuminating Bronzing Oil. This isn’t your daily self tanner but rather a last minute bronzer you can apply before heading out the door.


Image via Sephora

If I am wearing something thatbares all” I am sure to spray this on before I go. I can’t stand to have pale legs and wear shorts so I always spray this on and it makes me feel much more confident!

My advice would be to spray and rub in.

Be careful not to spray near white clothing or white walls! (I may or may not have spattered our bathroom door with a bronze tint. Oops!)

Happy tanning.


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