Fall Outfit from H & M

Last night was a breath of fresh air. Seriously. After this never-ending heatwave in New York City I feel that it finally broke!
Went to dinner last night at Preserve 24 and then out on the town for a couple drinks. For you New Yorkers out there- Preserve 24 is one of my new favorite spots.  They have the most delicious chicken I have ever tasted! Go with a friend or with a date and get the chicken for 2 for $35. Mmm!
I digress… so last night the temperature got down to the low 70s and I was just in heaven! It inspired me to create a little outfit inspiration for fall. Simple and sweet- this outfit  encompasses skinny jeans, and oversized sweater, and some statement flats. Boom.
Not to mention the ENTIRE outfit is under $60.
Fall Outfit by H & M
It’s so simple to dress in the fall which is why I am so excited that it’s approaching. I know we still have over a month of brutal summer left but there IS light at the end of the tunnel!

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