Go Green this Earth Day by ‘Up-Cycling!’

With Earth Day coming up so soon we are making an effort that we hope our lovely planet would be proud of.. we are GOING GREEN!

To start off we began looking around our apartment for simple items that can be repurposed to a new creative purpose and thus save us money and save some strain on the environment!

Check out our full post on Celebrations.com and the video on AOL!

Here are some more helpful links on how YOU TOO can give the Earth a hand this April 22nd.

Tips from the United States Environmental Protection Agency

Help end Global Warming by Planting a Tree

More great Earth Day facts and figures!

the kissters

This candy tin makes a cute jewelry organizer for travel! Or, consider packing your vitamins in here!

the kissters

Break up a larger flower arrangement to decorate multiple rooms by using cute mason jars or liquor bottles.

the kissters

Such a Kisster fave – have your go-to drink in a mason jar, it will taste THAT much better!

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