Don’t Cry! How to Chop an Onion with No Tears

For most of us it is inevitable that the tears will start to roll as you try to chop an onion to put into your delcious dinner tonight.

No need to bring out the kleenex just yet! Thanks to the helpful sites RealSimple and wikiHow, we gathered together five amazing, fool-proof, and CRY-PROOF ways to chop an onion!the kisstersPhoto from RealSimple.


1.) Light a candle nearby. This will absorb the gas released by the onion. (The gas is what irritates your eyes!)

2.) Chew a little bit of bread, or gum. This will keep the tears at bay.

3.) Boil a pot of water very close by. The steam will combat that pesky onion tear-gas.

4.) This may seem like a no-brainer, but you can wear glasses or goggles to keep the fumes from your precious eyes.

5.) Put a little bit of white vinegar on the cutting board, this helps keep the fumes from overpowering your senses.


Best of luck to you and your chopping!



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