Cooking Mistakes We All Make

Real Simple came out with some great examples of very simple mistakes we all make in the kitchen, and why they can hinder our best-efforts to efficiently cook a yummy dinner!

Here are a few of my favorite tips they ‘dished up’ on their website:

Overcrowding the pan:  When your pieces of chicken in the pan or potatoes in the oven are touching each other and overlapping, you are creating steam and therefore not allowing the food to cook evenly and get a nice browned exterior. You’ll notice a much better texture if you can leave a little space in between items that are cooking.

the kissters

Overmixing batters and doughs:  I have a very vivid memory of baking cookies at my friend Maggie’s house in the 4th grade. Each girl at the sleepover took turns stirring the batter. By the time we were done and the cookies were baked, they had the worst possible texture for a would-be delcious cookie, simply because we had probably stirred the batter for over a half hour! Make sure for crusts and baked goods to pay attention to the directions and to only mix until all ingredients are combined.

the kissters

Adding olive oil to pasta noodles:   A lot of folks will do this to keep the noodles from sticking together. But this little ‘tip’ is actually a foil to any good pasta dish. The olive oil will keep any pasta sauce from adhering to your noodles. Not good! Instead – toss the noodles with a little bit of the sauce first. Or, if it will be a while before you eat, you can rinse them in cold water to remove the starch.

the kissters

I loved these tips and hope they’re helpful for you, too! Check out all 17 mistakes gathered by the editors of Real Simple here.

Happy Cooking!


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