For Guys: Last-minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s.  Day. Two words that can strike a winning combination of fear and dread into every American males’ heart once a year.

the kissters
We’re here to help, guys.

Here’s some advice to help get you through the one day a year that associated with more pressure than Beyonce’s Super Bowl follow-up to the Inauguration lip-sync. Do… SOMETHING. Really, anything. For most of us girls, it’s the thought that counts. If you plan something, or you buy a little token of affection you’re already leaps and bounds ahead of most poor slobs. If you’re having a tough time getting creative then please reference our little gift guide below for ideas on what to do.

Plan a Picnic – An indoor picnic with finger foods, wine, and maybe even a couple strategically placed candles is a romantic way to eat on the floor and feel good about it.

Give to Charity – We love this Global Gift Guide. You give to the cause of your choice and dedicate your donation to your loved one. You can look at the different causes so be sure to pick something that will be very special to both you and your sweetheart.

Have a Game Night – Stay in, cook for your sweetie, and dust off your Scrabble Skills. Here too presents an amazing way to creatively wrap a gift. You can empty out a Cranium or Monopoly box and put a little gift in so when you two are deciding what to play you can sneakily hand her your gift in its super special stealth packaging.

 the kissters
This Monopoly box could be fun (and surprising!) packaging for a little gift for your girl!

Give From the Heart – No need to spend $$$ on jewelry. (But if you did we’re pretty sure you’ll have a happy lady!) But really when it comes to getting a little something special for this Valentine’s Day just take the time to sit down for a few minutes with the all-knowing Google and think about your sweeties’ interests. Does she like baking? Does she have a dog? Is she a runner or a skier?  Do you two share any favorite bands? How about concert tickets? So many questions.. hopefully this got your brain off on the right track!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Good luck, and God speed.


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