Valentines Cocktail: Whipped


We are so stoked to be contributors for Today we are kicking it off with an amazing Vday cocktail!

February is all about Valentine’ Day and enjoying all of the yummy treats that go along with the festivities! While we’re huge fans of thoughtful sweets for your sweet like a romantic box of chocolates, it can also be fun to enjoy a Valentine’s dessert that’s a little more daring!

As an after-dinner dessert, why not make a batch of the cocktail we’re calling “Whipped”? It’s so easy to make and features Licor 43, a liqueur that’s actually made up of 43 different fruits and herbs from the beautiful and romantic Mediterranean basin.

To make this simple Valentine’s dessert, all you need are three ingredients:


Licor 43 (chilled) 1 1/2 ounces per drink (or one shot)

1 dollop of whipped cream

Nutmeg for garnish


Pour 1 shot of chilled Licor 43 into each desert glass. You can also chill the glasses beforehand. Finish each drink with a dollop of whipped cream on top, and a dash of nutmeg.



The Kissters


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