How Long Do I Keep My Opened Bottle of Wine?

Congratulations! You mustered up the willpower not to polish off that entire bottle of delicious Sauvignon Blanc last night while you caught up on ‘Girls’ and your nightt54ly Facebook stalking!

the kissters

So that leaves you with an interesting conundrum… what to do with that last part of the bottle?! Well, don’t throw it out for starters. Put a cork in it and stick it in the fridge. Even better than a cork would be a bottle stopper like these we found on Amazon. By closing up the wine you are keeping oxygen from entering the bottle – wine’s worst enemy when it comes to a long life.

the kissters

It’s best even to stick a half-finished bottle of red wine in the fridge as well. When you take the red wine back out to enjoy, just let it set open for about 15 minutes to take the chill off. If you drink it while it is still cold you’ll notice it tastes a little funny – wine connoisseurs would call that ‘tannic.’

We consulted the ever-helpful ‘Bottlenotes’ website who works with Epicurious, and they gave these helpful tips for how long to keep an opened bottle of wine. Their main tip is that it really varies per bottle so it’s best to use your nose and your taste buds in determining, but the general rule would be:

 – Keep dry white wines for two days

 – Keep red wines for three days

If you let more than the suggested time pass for drinking your wine, why not freeze it to use in a sauce or another recipe that calls for wine? Here’s a creative way to tackle freezing your leftovers from our iVillage show!

the kissters

Happy Drinking!


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