Save Money with These Four Easy Tips

 Trying to save money in the new year? Here are four tips that are tried and true for saving a little cash, and at the very least SIMPLE! You can quickly watch your money grow with a couple very simple changes.

Be a Cash Cow

It is so easy to not realize how quickly you’re spending money when all you have to do is simply swipe a card for a new pair of suede booties or an elegant meal. Why not draw out cash at the beginning of your week and tell yourself you will ONLY spend what you have withdrawn? If you feel uncomfortable taking out that much money, how about doing it every other day or every three days? This will be a big eye-opener regarding your spending habits, trust me!

Pack it in, Pack It Out

Do you know how much you’re spending on lunch at work every day? Much too much. Take this into account when you feel too lazy to buy groceries for the week on Sunday night. You can put on a simple stew or soup while the game is on, and voila, lunch for the week! At the very least get yourself some cold cuts, cheese and bread for sandwiches. Packing it the night before or at the very least set out a reminder before going to bed at night. You know yourself – mornings aren’t the most productive time in the world, are they?

the kissters

Do your Research

Have a favorite hair salon that’s become a guilty pleasure at this point because you have to spend so much just for your ‘usual’ cut? Start asking your friends where they go and they’ll volunteer the info, including what they pay! It never hurts to ask – you could find an incredible deal.

Or how about ordering wine at a restaurant? Do you go for a higher priced wine  just because it’s ‘safe?’ If you know where you’ll be eating out tonight, do a little online menu-scoping of the wine list and you can easily google to learn more about the wine and possibly find a cheaper option to try that you just might like.

Go Halvsies

Splitting up something doesn’t take away from your enjoyment, it merely means you’ll be spending half!

Say there are a couple knew books you’d like to read from the bestsellers of 2012. Ask around to see if any of your friends would like to do a ‘book share.’ If you buy one and they buy the other and you swap – you’re getting 2 good reads for the price of one.

Ditto goes for eating out. Restaurant portions have become so large these days that you can easily order 1 appetizer, 1 entre, and 1 side to split between 2 diners and you guaranteed won’t leave the restaurant hungry. Try it out!

This is the year to save a little money. Do you have any tips you’d like to offer that you use to help you save? Let us know in the comments below!


the kissters

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