You’re the Apple (Whiskey) of my Eye

We recently discovered a whiskey that changed up the game for us, and that is Mickey Finn. It’s apple-flavored whiskey that goes down smooth and has the aroma of fresh green Irish apples. This delicious liquor is actually inspired by an Irish apple-infused whiskey that the original Mickey Finn created in Chicago at the turn of the last century.

What we love so much about this whiskey is that it appeals to whiskey and non-whiskey drinkers alike! Is smells like apples, and tastes somewhere between a cider and whiskey. Mickey Finn is smooth to drink on its own but fantastic in cocktails!

Which is why we’d like to share with you our very own Mickey Finn cocktail that is simple to make and easy to sip on either before dinner or as a light and fresh dessert.

With Valentine’s day fast approaching (trust me, it’s going to SNEAK UP on you!) why not make this drink before you head out for a night out with your sweetie, or as an after-dinner dessert drink? Here’s how to make what we’re calling ‘The Apple of My Eye.”

Apple of My Eye

1.5 Oz (1 shot) Mickey Finn’s Irish Apple Whiskey

3 Oz Ginger Ale

1 lemon peel twist


Mix all ingredients together in a whiskey glass and sip on with your Valentine this year!

Mickey Finn, will you be mine?

the kissters


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