Holiday Entertaining – A simple cocktail to dazzle your guests!

If you’ve ever had people over during the holidays you know it can be a challenge to get yourself party-pretty, get all of the food and snacks ready, and be at the door with drinks ready for guests as they arrive. That’s why we love this drink we’re calling ‘Cranberry Bliss.’

Just have glasses lined up on your counter and pre-pour the first 2 ingredients in every glass before anyone arrives. Then simply top each drink with some freshly-opened bubbly as they walk in the door! Toss in a few frozen cranberries and they’ll be mistaking you for Martha Stewart before they get through the night.

We found the inspiration for this easy recipe on the blog ‘Celebrations at Home.’ We love it because it is SO SIMPLE to make, and there is a ‘Wow’ factor your guests will absolutely love if you’re having people over.

Here is the basic recipe per glass:

‘Cranberry Bliss’
½ oz Amaretto
2 oz Cranberry Juice
Top each drink with Champagne or Prosecco

Add a few frozen cranberries in each drink to keep it cool and look awesome..

Do you have any signature simple cocktails you use for holiday entertaining? Let us know!

Here are 3 great Sparkling Wines you could use for this cocktail – all under $15!

Nino Franco Rustico Prosecco – $13.98

Piper Sonoma Brut – $13.99
Sorelle Branca Prosecco Extra Dry – $13.98

the kissters

the kissters


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